Be the change needed to move Ottawa forward.

Create a better quality of life for our youth.

Make it easy to invest in Ottawa

Lower taxes  

Stop corruption - end nepotism, end no-bid contracts -  

Find Grant funding for City projects

Increase Security - lower crime - lower overdoses - crime and drug addiction are major issues in Ottawa 

Infrastructure – Roads, Bridges, water, sewer  

Community Development - attract business - Business Incubator – cultivate entrepreneurial growth. Work with IVCC and OHS. 

Waterfront Development - Boating  

Fiber Optic Expansion - High speed internet 

Affordable Housing   

Superfund cleanup sites and Brownfield sites  

Citizens Quality of life - Engage Constituents to become active in the community. 

Farmers Market, revitalization - expansion. 

Engage Ottawa Non-Profit and Religious Organizations.  

Park land expansion – green space  - create a safe, prosperous, and beautiful town and beyond. 

Illinois and Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor - Address Issues and revitalization.  

Recreational Activities - Parades and Festivals - Community events 

Dog Park - Pet adoption opportunities – Pet Cafe -  

Sporting opportunities – Soccer, baseball, swimming, skating, ice rink  

Increase opportunities – Employment - Education  

Quality of Life - Arts & Entertainment - Gardening - Beautification - Public Art







Questions from Times Reporter Mike Urbanec

What projects and programs aren't currently on Ottawa's agenda that you feel need to be? 

I would like to develop a plan for a field house / sports complex that our citizens could enjoy.  This would draw team sports and participants from other communities to Ottawa. Our geographic location makes our community an ideal setting for such a complex to be developed. 

I would like to see the music and arts community embraced and enhanced.  Ottawa’s location makes it a prime place for artists to perform as they travel from other larger communities. 

A gardening program should be developed encouraging production of food.  This could also extend to a gardening beautification program.  Botanical knowledge will prepare citizens for food reliability issues future generations may face. 

What would you, in the position of an elected official, do to promote Ottawa to tourists and prospective businesses? 

We should encourage the scenic drive through Ottawa to Starved Rock. We should promote our history with guided tours and embrace the scenic beauty Ottawa offers visitors.  

Technology and social media have changed our society.  We must embrace new technologies by hiring staff that have expertise in these fields to promote Ottawa to the world. 

What type of businesses would you like to attract to Ottawa? 

Businesses that will not make our citizens sick or worse kill them and others.  We need to preserve our environment to protect future generations and enable the tourism industry to flourish. 

A hybrid remote work force creates new opportunity for talent to remain in Ottawa.  It enables people from other places to move to our more livable community. Ottawa needs competitive high-speed internet to accomplish this goal. 

We graduate high level talent that leaves our city for jobs elsewhere.  We need to create opportunities that stop the brain drain from Ottawa. 

We need innovative businesses created here.  

To help fix community problems we need to improve our economic outcomes for our citizens. 

What is your view, and what can be done, on the parking situation on Ottawa's downtown? 

It would be in our best interest as a community to work together to solve these issues.  The Court Street Parking situation was a poor decision made by the current Mayor and council. 

There has been talk of expanding Washington Park and removing parking in that area.  I believe we need those parking spots. 

We will eventually need to find a location for a parking structure.  

Electric vehicle charging stations need to be installed. 

What would you do as an elected official to aid the fire department in achieving its goal of getting a new station and meeting its hiring goals? 

Correctly Staff our first responders to meet our increasing call volume.  Give our first responders the manpower necessary so they are not forced into mandatory overtime. 

Create a Fire Department Apprenticeship program that encourages our youth to become first responders in the community. 

Develop a plan / location for a North Ottawa Fire Station. 

What will you do to protect Ottawa's murals? 

The Ottawa Mural Program was developed by the Ottawa Visitors Center. The Mural contracts were developed to allow building owners control over their property.  

I believe the “Brush with History” murals are a wonderful asset to the community.  I would encourage mural owners to promote their big art as it contributes to the charm of Ottawa.  It encourages pedestrian traffic which helps our downtown merchants. 

Do you believe they play an important part in Ottawa's tourism? 

Starved Rock is the major tourism draw for the area. The “Brush with History” murals created another attraction for tourists to visit while in the area.  The murals, when promoted properly, get visitors out of their vehicle to walk around downtown.  This helps foot traffic for downtown merchants. 

How will you promote the art community? 

I would reach out to NCI Art Works to engage in the Silo Mural project and encourage other big art projects.  They are the area leader for these projects. 

Our Ottawa High School students excel in their music program.  I would love to see more music and entertainment in Ottawa.  Concerts, festivals, and art shows would be encouraged. 

How would you describe the city of Ottawa's working relationship with its downtown merchants? 

There is always room for improvement.  It would be in our best interest to work together for the betterment of the community.  It appears the current administration favors certain businesses.  I believe in a level playing field for all. 

Where do you see Ottawa in the next 10 years? 

I would like to see Ottawa be an entertainment destination for music, arts, sports and tourism.    My vision includes developing bike paths and trails to foster outdoor activity.  Gardening and restaurants should be encouraged.  We should develop our waterfront to meet the needs of our citizens and visitors.  I see Ottawa having recreational activities for all and a amazing quality of life. 

Developing these amenities will attract quality employers who want happy employees.